Mistakes to avoid international E-commerce

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We live in a global village. While there was a time when it was difficult to set up businesses that reach global customers, this is no longer the case. The world of E-commerce allows you to access customers across the globe. For those of you who are thinking of going global with your E-commerce business, know that the journey won’t be smooth. There are various mistakes and pitfalls that you are likely to make.

Here are some of the most critical ones that you should avoid.

1.    Basing your store on a sub-par platform

We can’t stress enough on the importance of choosing the best Ecommerce platform 2018 has to offer. Think of it this way. If the foundation of your Ecommerce store won’t be good, how can you expect your business to satisfy global audience?

 Just because you chose the best E-commerce platform for startups doesn’t mean you are ready for international markets. Instead, you must select the best option from the available international E-commerce platforms out there.

This includes Shopify, Magento, and Bigcommerce. There are other options you can explore as well. How do you select the best one? Simple. You conduct an E-commerce platforms comparison.

Select wisely. If you don’t choose the correct platform, you won’t be able to provide the kind of service that will attract international customers.

2.    Not being flexible

If you control your E-commerce platform centrally and wish to deliver a standardized experience regardless of what country you are accessing, you are making a huge mistake. Why? Well, customers love a localized touch in their shopping experience. For instance, if you are operating in China, your target customers would expect the website to have language support for Mandarin. If it doesn’t, the chances are you will lose customers.

While some form of standardization is important to ensure consistency of a brand, you must be flexible enough to integrate local nuances in your Ecommerce store as well.

3.    Not researching your audience

Just because you have had success in your region doesn’t mean you don’t need to research about customers when moving to global platforms. You see, customer trends and behavior differ from country to country. You can’t apply your insights into one region and generalize it to the rest of the world. If you do so, you won’t be able to satisfy the masses.


Avoid these mistakes. Build a successful international Ecommerce store.

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